In July of 2017 we journeyed to a magical place and fulfilled a dream, or at least a part of it. Why merely a part? The answer comes to you the moment you arrive in Alaska…you simply cannot satisfy the call, the majesty, the splendor, and the magnificence of this incredibly spectacular place with a single visit. No, that would be grossly inadequate. Like an excellent restaurant, Alaska will warrant a return visit, perhaps more than one if it can be arranged.

If there is one thing that stands out there, it is the shear vastness of this place. The Grand Canyon is enormous. The ocean seems endless. But this is wholly different. The title photo on this page (enhanced slightly to make the lettering stand out more effectively), was taken from 37 miles away from Denali, the tallest peak in North America at 20,310 feet. This was the closest our National Park tour had time to approach this magnificent site, and still it towered over the closer mountains. That there was something out there at this immense distance gave it the needed scale.

       © Richard Wolfert - 2017        


Denali from Denali National Park, Alaska

Perhaps 40 years ago, I read James Michener’s wonderful novel “Alaska.” It wasn’t fanciful. It painted the land in a realistic light (so I felt). With warts and all, it sounded like a place I would love to experience, not just visit. It stayed with me all these years. This past summer, we had a chance to dip our toes, so to speak, in the wonder that is Alaska. We took a Princess cruise, arranged by Best Cruises, with a 14 day land/sea package. It was a good first experience, but lightweight. It taught us that next time we really must get more deeply, more personally involved with the Alaska. My intention is not to write a novel of my own about our experiences, but to ‘show you’, through photos and brief narratives. If you have already been there at least once, you will shake your heads knowingly. If you haven’t, it is my sincere hope that this whets your appetite for such adventure. it is one you will never forget, and will always be grateful for having done.

Rich Wolfert, September, 2017

A Photo Journey

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