Key West and the Florida Keys


Notes on a short trip to the American Tropics.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES : Florida Lizards, Florida Dragonflies

In April of 2007, Gail and I traveled to Key West to attend a wedding. We decided to drive down from Miami, allowing us to explore the Keys to some extent. And, after the wedding, we spent an extra two days enjoying the beauty of this unique region.

At best, we had only a too brief taste of the Keys. There is so much to absorb that another trip will be needed just to make us feel that we’ve seen, at least, ‘much’ of it. And, of course, there is the fast boat ride from Key West to the Dry Tortugas National Park and Ft. Jefferson, 70 miles west of Key West that we didn’t have the time to take. It’s supposed to be beautiful there.

I had last been in the Keys 23 years ago, albeit only briefly. This time, we took our time exploring some of the incredible and unique beauty that can only be found in this archipelago of small islands strung off of Florida like a crescent of pearls.

Rich Wolfert, December, 2008