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The Birds of Israel

White-throated Kingfisher


In October of 2013, Gail and I took a long awaited trip to Israel. On this page, I will focus on the BIRDS OF ISRAEL, and leave the non avian trip details for another page. It’s hard to not get several dozen life birds here, but there are some overlaps with birds found in my part of the eastern U.S. (New Jersey). Can’t wait to go back. There’s so much to see, and lots more birds, too.

Much to my surprise, Israel is extremely diverse geographically. Most think of it as a desert country, and it is, substantially. But to the north there are extensive forests and lakes. And throughout the country there are extensive amounts of farmland. However, fish farming has put very large ponds throughout, and birds take excellent advantage of this as a resource.

The small country of Israel, about the size and population of New Jersey, is on the major flyway for migrating birds. If they have to cross the Mediterranean, many opt for the land along the east end of the sea…and that’s Israel. Wonderfully positioned and birds aplenty…enough to keep anyone happily busy for a very long time.

Sunset near Sandy Hook, NJ

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Eurasian Hoopoe-the national bird of Israel.

PREFACE TO THE PHOTOS: During our 15 days in Israel in October, 2013, we tallied 74 species with 60 of them as Life Birds (brand new to us, not previously observed species by us). It’s very hard to be there and NOT gather several dozen life birds. The entire e-Bird list can be seen HERE.

There are 3 pages of photos, not because they’re all of great quality, but to help many of you learn about these species for your trip there. Most are in precise chronological order. All shots were handheld, with most at 400mm (that’s maximum zoom). Also, as this was not a dedicated ‘birding trip’ (we did lots of sight-seeing and there is just so much to take in) so we were almost always at a significant distance from the birds. Therefore, many of the photos are heavily cropped (enlarged). In a few instances, I included the image at 100mm (the widest my zoom provides) next to a few of the cropped images to provide a better idea of the distances involved. 


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